No Fade Flowers of Thalassemia

Our project named “No fade Flowers of Thalassemia” aims to increase social integration of patients by involving 70 child and young Thalassemia patients to motivational social activities. In this context, Photography, Ebru courses and short film / acting course will be given. By receiving education with trainee together, and by organizing exhibition their self-confidence will be reinforced and their cling of life will be implemented. The individuals who get photograpry courses  will take photo  5 different regional areas in Adana province by visiting as a patient, in the sequel at the end of the work  will be exhibited in the project closing ceremony. Moreover, these trips will create opportunites for patient to see places which they haven’t seen and gone and will be the main factor for their motivation.The trainees who get short film/ acting education will make short films which will tell their disease by determining their own scenario along the project. At the closing ceremony of project  trainee’s art product which has been done along the education will be exhibited by organizing exhibiton. Within the scope of the project implementation place of education has been identified as a place where our association is.