Prevention Program

Test before marriage

Thalassemia test is a simple test, that can be done with blood sample in thalassemia diagnostic centers. The result of this test is not an obstacle to marry and to have children. The aim is pinpointing carrier couples, and help these couples to avoid having a sick child. In that case IVF method is recommended for couples who are carriers.

In 41 provinces in Turkey it has been made free, and compulsory to take the thalassemia test. Even if you don’t have thalassemia diagnostic center in your province, you can take the test in any hospitals hematology (blood disorders) department. 

Prenatal diagnosis

With carrier couples each pregnancy has a 25% probability of a sick child. To prevent this determination prenatal diagnosis can be done. This is a test to find out whether the baby has the illness. Test can be done before the baby has born, between the 8th and 12th weeks of pregnancy.

How to prevent

Education, screening, genetic counseling and prenatal diagnosis is very important. With IVF it is possible to have a perfectly healthy child.